Empower Hour Course

Introducing the Phoenix Wellness Empower Hour
As we approach the first anniversary of Phoenix Wellness Coaching we are pleased to be launching a new way to experience wellness and life coaching – The Empower Hour.
What is the Empower Hour?
It is quite simply a 60 minute 1:1 intensive and immersive coaching session with the founder of Phoenix Wellness Coaching, Jeanette Forder. This is what Jeanette has to say about this new offering:
“I’m super excited to be launching this new coaching opportunity. I know there are women who have been waiting for this. It can be scary making the commitment to come into life coaching for a 4, 8 or 12 week period if you’ve never experienced the power of coaching before. I get that. I also know for some women, they may not be able to commit to coaching because of time or financial concerns. This is where the Empower Hour comes in – another way to give women choice when investing in their own personal development.”
How dos the Empower Hour work?
Again it is simple. You will sign up to one 60 minute intensive 1:1 coaching session without the need to commit to a longer coaching period. You can spend just 60 minutes talking through one aspect of your life where you could be struggling to set a goal, or lacking motivation to achieve your goal – the choice is yours to bring out whatever is on your mind. In the 60 minutes, and using recognised coaching tools, we will work through your issue helping you to find your own solutions that will fit with your time and lifestyle. You will then be able to take the leaning and the tools provided to help you to reach your goals.
If your goal is bigger, or together we feel you would benefit from entering into a longer coaching agreement, then that choice is open to you. Again, our coaching options are designed to fit around every woman’s busy life, her finances and her learning preferences. I know there will be a format that will work for you.
The Empower Hour is designed to work as a standalone and is ideal for digging into those one-off life choices you want to get traction on but have not been able to as yet. There is no obligation to take more coaching, although you should recognise that working longer on yourself is more likely to produce results that stick.
How do I book an Empower Hour?
This is simple too. Complete the email form here. Upon receipt you will be sent a link to the Phoenix Wellness Coaching Diary so that you can choose a date and time that works best for you. All sessions will be held via Zoom and a link will be shared with you when you make your booking.

How much does it cost?
As this is a new product and to celebrate our First Anniversary, for the month of August 2021 the Empower Hour will cost you just £25.
From the 1st September 2021 the Empower Hour will revert to its regular price of £100.
Payments will be taken via Bank Transfer (you will be provided with this information upon booking).
No sessions will be held until full payment has been received.
Whilst we encourage you to attend your session and invest in yourself, we know that things can change and for this reason we encourage you to try to reschedule your session before cancelling. If you have to cancel then cancellation fees will be applicable.

  • No refund will be available if cancellation is made within 24 hours or less of the session. Clients are encouraged to try to reschedule their session before requesting a refund.
  • No refund will be available if a session has been reschedule more than once but you are still unable to attend.
  • 50% refund will be available if cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the session. Clients are encouraged to try to reschedule their session before requesting a refund.

Sessions can be rescheduled only if requested 2 weeks prior to the confirmed session. Rescheduling will not be applicable if requested less than 2 weeks prior to the session.
Only one reschedule will be accepted, after which if you cannot attend your session then you will not be entitled to receive a refund.

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