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I am super excited to announce my Coaching Circle programme as part of Phoenix Wellness, plus a short Masterclass Series so that you can experience coaching with Phoenix Wellness.

Growing Masterclass Series 

Currently due to social distancing measures, all courses are on Zoom

  • Would you describe yourself as having low self-confidence?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you could be as confident as other women you see around you?
  • Do you often tell yourself that you aren’t good enough or you can’t do something because you don’t have the confidence?
  • Do you feel that your self-confidence has been eroded by what life has thrown at you and you just don’t feel like you anymore?

If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions then the Growing Masterclass Series is for you. 

We will explore what self-confidence is, what steals your self-confidence, and why you feel this way. By telling our stories we will dig under those experiences to unearth the emotions and triggers and with practical exercises such as mindfulness, positive affirmations, visualisation and NLP I will help you to find the tools to boost your self-confidence. 

The Growing Masterclass Series is designed to give you a taste of how coaching circles work and how you can benefit from being part of a circle. This is a totally FREE series over three days. 

Courses Available

If you want to learn more or work deeper on boosting your self-confidence after having experienced the Growing, then the full Coaching Circle will be the programme for you.

Step Up Lean In Coaching Circle

Taking place over a 6 week period.
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This is an exclusive programme designed to help you boost your self-confidence and build resilience to ace the challenges that life throws at you as a woman. So what can you achieve by joining Step Up Lean In:

  • Deeping understanding of why you feel you lack sefl-confidence; the internal and external stimuli that drain your self-confidence.
  • Greater understanding of what self-confidence is and what it isn’t; understand the emotions that underpin your feelings of low self-confidence.
  • Exploring how you can boost your self-confidence; dealing with your internal dialogue and with external stimuli.
  • Owning your self-confidence; recognising the signs and situations that drain it and how to manage those times.

The programme will be experiential and will require commitment from you, both in terms of the time you invest, but also through goal setting and taking action to achieve your goals.

Step Up Lean In is a 6-week coaching circle for between 6 -10 ladies who are committed to building their self-confidence. The Circle will operate in the same way as an action learning set enabling you to bring your own stories and experiences to the group to gain help and insight. When you sign up you will be committing to attend all six one hour sessions from the 4th November to the 9th December. The final session on the 9th December will be a reflective session to look at what you have learnt, how far you have come and setting future goals to ensure you continue to build on your learning and grow.

Alongside the one hour coaching sessions, you will also have access to an exclusive online Q&A thread and a group chat to support one another. After you sign up for the programme you will be added to a private Facebook group within Phoenix just for the members of the Coaching Circle. You will need to download Zoom as the sessions will use that platform and Slack which is a separate private chat app just for Step Up Lean In. All this information will be shared with you once you sign up to the programme.

Everything that we discuss within this Coaching Circle will be confidential and you will be asked to sign a privacy statement to respect each other’s confidentiality. This will be a trusted and safe space so it is important to assure all of you of the confidential nature of the programme.

If you would like to know more, please fill in the contact form or message me via my Facebook Page