Introducing Men-No-Pause, an exclusive workshop for men

Welcome to the Men-No-Pause men-only workshop. This 60-90 minute workshop has been designed specifically to help midlife men build their knowledge and awareness of menopause, enabling them to better support their female partners through this important and often difficult transition in their lives. The methods taught in this workshop are particularly aimed at husbands and partners, rather than men with female staff members.

Why a men’s workshop?

There’s a lot of evidence that suggests men are looking to learn about menopause. They want to be able to support their partners, building greater understanding and empathy to ensure their families continue to flourish.
I want every midlife woman to have a positive experience of menopause, which is possible. However, as women we do not live in isolation. We often live with men and cannot thrive through menopause without their support, care and understanding.
Whilst I want all women to feel comfortable talking openly about menopause, I also want to help men to do this too. Many women, and even more men, have asked me whether I will be helping men in the same way. So, in response to your questions and calls for support, I have designed this men-only workshop to help you to survive, and thrive, through her menopause!
The workshop is intentionally gender exclusive as I recognise this may be a difficult subject for you to talk about – it’s hard enough for women and we are supposed to understand it! I wanted to create a safe space for men to learn about menopause, to ask the questions they may feel uncomfortable asking and to enable them to talk openly about their concerns and what they want to learn without fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

What will the workshop cover?

This will be a mixture of teaching and Q&A opportunities for you to share your experiences and ask those questions you need answered. It will be interactive, and I guarantee you will come away with more knowledge and the tools to help you to support your partner. We’ll cover the following:

  • What menopause is and why it happens – some high-level science to build knowledge.
  • What the common indicators of menopause are – some of the things that your partner may be experiencing and how to spot them.
  • How to have the “conversation” with your partner – some simple tools to enable you to open the conversation in a supportive and non-confrontational way.
  • Recognising that everything is changing for you both – touching on the male menopause and recognising that you too change at this time in your life, giving you the knowledge to understand what this means for you and how it might impact your relationship with your partner.
  • Tools to help make this a better experience for you and your partner – some very simple steps you and your partner can take together to support each other through this stage.

Where and when will it be held?

This workshop is offered in two formats both in person at the Edenwood Place near Maidstone in Kent, and also virtually via zoom. The in-person event can accommodate 10-12 men whilst the virtual one can reach up to 30 men. There will always be an option that will work for you whether you live locally in Kent or further afield and want to join online.

How much will it cost?

The cost, regardless of whether you join an in-person or virtual event, will be £35 per person.

How often do these workshops run?

I will be offering an event bimonthly throughout the year – the next will be in person on Monday 10th July 2023, 18.00 – 20.00 at Edenwood Place. I will be alternating between online and in-person events, so do look out for more information on upcoming dates via my social media and Google My Business page.

How do I book and learn more?

Email me to secure your space or simply ask questions about the event. On receipt of your email, I will provide you with an invoice detailing how to pay.