It is great to have you part of this exclusive subscription group. You are going to learn so much about how to boost your wellbeing. I know you’re going to find being part of this group so beneficial and I can’t wait to tell you more.
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What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing comes from the Positive Psychology movement offering a contra view to regular health and medical professionals. Wellbeing looks at the whole person – physically, emotionally, environmentally – with a focus on what is present that makes us feel happy, fit, and healthy rather than focusing on what is missing. Wellbeing encompasses much more than just thinking we are healthy because we aren’t ill!

There are 8 pillars of wellbeing which cover all aspects of our life.The Phoenix Wellbeing Café will bring you information, help and support on all these pillars with monthly webinars hosted by experts in their field.
These experts will be on hand to help and support you whenever you need.

Why wellbeing and not menopause?

You know I am all about menopause as that’s how you’ve found me, but for many women menopause is either not a problem or they are post-menopausal and are thinking about what the rest of their life holds. The Wellbeing Café is open to all women, regardless of age or menopause status, as we focus on much broader topics. Menopause may figure in some of our webinars but predominantly the focus will be on other aspects of wellbeing – if you need menopause support, please talk to me direct and we can explore how I can help.

What does the Wellbeing Café offer?

This is an exclusive monthly subscription with its own password protected area and resources that you won’t find anywhere else on my website or through my other services. We also have a private Facebook group to help you build a community of support. Of course, access to my blogs, video blogs and podcasts are still available to you as these are free resources, but here in the Café you will get so much more.

Maintaining your Membership

I know that life is busy, and it can be hard to remember when subscriptions are due, but I want to make that easy for you. Each month you will receive an invoice for your subscription, which is paid in advance, and can be paid in a variety of ways that make it easy for you – we accept bank transfer or card payments through PayPal – you get to pick what works for you.