Sam Palmer

Sam Palmer

Hi I am Sam Palmer of Midlife Makeover.

My career started in the NHS where I qualified as a nurse eventually working as a Sister in NeoNatal Intensive Care.

Becoming a mother meant seeking a job that didn’t involve night duty but did include my love of teaching, so I qualified as a teacher. I left the NHS to work in Further Education and eventually set up my own First Aid training company.

The tragic death of my brother in an accident led to a charity place in the London Marathon, something that would, unbeknown to me, go on to touch the lives of many thousands of women. I trained as a running coach and set up a women’s running and fitness club, in Sevenoaks, Kent.

In 2014 I was voted UK Coach of the year by UK Athletics, and I’ve won many other awards for my work with women.

I’m now post menopause, I still run, often with my dog and enjoy making chocolate brownies (probably with chickpeas or beans!) to go with a cup of Earl Grey tea!

What you do

Aware of the need for exercise and movement designed specifically for women in perimenopause and beyond, I combined 20 years of female fitness coaching with my nursing background, to launch Midlife Makeover. I now coach women online worldwide and over the last 8 years I’ve helped thousands of women to rediscover a healthy active lifestyle.

How you help with wellbeing

I help women get the results they want with realistic fitness and lifestyle programmes.

Fitness – I offer 11 weekly online fitness classes for busy women over 45 who want to be fitter and stronger. Classes are live so you get real time coaching and on demand to suit your timetable.

Lifestyle – I help women who want support and accountability to make long term changes to their eating, fitness and lifestyle via an online programme which focuses on 4 key areas; Menopause weight gain, Menopause symptoms and how to alleviate them naturally, Menopause anxiety and Menopause movement.

Move Over Menopause© is a 7-month programme consisting of 1.2.1 coaching, group coaching, weekly fitness classes and a fabulous programme of expert masterclasses.