Rachael O’Brian

Hi I am Rachel. I’m a busy mum, wife and business owner.
Outside of my work and responsibilities I like to make sure I carve out some time for myself (walking my talk!) and I spend a lot of time solving things – puzzles, murder mysteries, escape rooms and quizzes! I also love singing my heart out in two choirs, splashing paint on a canvas and I’ve recently taken up knitting to keep myself awake whilst watching comedies with my family.
What you do

I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt about bringing more balance and joy into my life. I help women to overcome overwhelm and burnout.

How you help with wellbeing
Using a variety of tools and skills I’ve built up over 20 years, I help women to overcome overwhelm, break down barriers, process trauma, discover and make the most of their natural energy peaks, understand themselves and others better, and build personal confidence; so they can avoid burnout and move forward into a life that brings them joy on an everyday basis.

Where we can find you
You can find more information about me and my work in all the following places:

Website : https://more-balance-and-joy.newzenler.com/
Email : Rachel@morebalanceandjoy.co.uk
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/groups/platespinningwomenunite
Instagram : www.instagram.com/morebalanceandjoy
Linked In : linkedin.com/in/rachel-o-brien-25856767
Book chat : https://calendly.com/morebalanceandjoy/chat