Phoenix Rising Mastermind Client Journey, Jacqui’s story

I am delighted to be able to share Jacqui’s story and menopause journey with you which I know you will find inspiring.

Who is Jacqui?
Jacqui is a midlife woman, aged 55+, married and working part-time in a physically demanding job. She came to the Phoenix Rising Mastermind not sure where exactly she was in her menopause journey. Jacqui had completed our Menopause Wellbeing Quiz initially which indicated she was experiencing menopause.
In our initial conversations, Jacqui talked about wanting to feel healthier and fitter, with more energy and focus for the rest of her life. She felt she was lacking the tools to help her to remain consistent and disciplined to reach her goals. We were both very excited to be working together. For me, I knew that

the Phoenix Rising Mastermind would help her to gain that consistency and future focus she was seeking, along with giving her more clarity around where she was in her menopause journey and how to handle the experiences this was bringing into her life.
Jacqui was a model client in so many ways; she threw herself wholeheartedly into all aspects of the programme and her transformation has been phenomenal:
“From listening to the other participants about relationships with their partners it helped to guide me into strategies to support my relationship as it helped me analyse and give myself constructive feedback to improve my input emotionally”.
One of the most emotional aspects of Jacqui’s journey was when she talked about how she did not know what to expect from menopause as she had no role models or other women in her family to support her – sadly she lost both her mum and her grandmother at an early age. Jacqui had been feeling a little lost and lacking confidence. As a result of working through this programme she has completely come into her own; she has definitely found her purpose and her voice:
“I have managed to feel positive about being ‘ME’ and for being the best I can be as a role model for my family and friends to look up to instead of feeling alone without parents to look to. I am on the right path and have my mojo back”.

How did the Phoenix Rising Mastermind help Jacqui?
This is a 6-week group coaching programme, consisting of three key elements:
Weekly masterclasses
Weekly action learning group coaching sessions, and
1:1 life coaching session to help clients to put what they have learnt into practice for the future.
The masterclasses give clients opportunities to work with the other ladies as well as providing practical tools including self-reflection, journaling, meditation and mindfulness to help them to grow their self-awareness and achieve their goals. Every client is encouraged to be open and honest in these sessions with the aim of helping each other. This was one of the many aspects that Jacqui really valued, especially given her lack of female role models:
“Requesting friends to list 5 things they like about me really opened my eyes to my unique personality that I had put to rest by the anxiety I was undergoing and paranoid feelings.”
Jacqui goes on to say:
“Visualisation has taken the fear away from myself and as a result I was able to go out of my comfort zone and make a positive change to be brave and overcame a panic attack.”
One of the big achievements for me was when Jacqui shared in our group chat that she had been using the visualisation regularly and not only had this helped her to focus on the future she wanted, it had also helped her to relax better. As a result of which she had consistently started to benefit from 6-7 hours of quality sleep at least 3 times per week. This was a huge transformation for Jacqui, who until then had suffered with poor sleep for some time.

What now for Jacqui?
I cannot wait to watch Jacqui’s journey as she starts to mastermind her own future which I know will be an amazing success. In her own words she says:
“I listened to true situations and with the knowledge I learnt, have been able to find MY PASSION, MY PURPOSE and MY PATH that is going to enhance my wellbeing for my vibrant, creative future.”
Truly amazing and what a pleasure it has been for me to work with Jacqui and see her find her wings and rise like the beautiful, powerful phoenix she is.

Would Jacqui recommend the programme?
“Hand on heart I enjoyed all of the sessions. I got so much out of the Masterclasses and was able to participate in all the sessions, share my views, share my issues and support the ladies with solutions too. I enjoyed the topics and the layout of them each week.
“I now feel great. I feel I can cope with the stage I am at in my menopause journey with the knowledge I have learnt. Jeanette came across as professional, genuine, warm, concerned and passionate in the sessions and as a result I know I will keep developing. Thank you Phoenix Wellness.”

For more Information

If you would like to learn more about the Phoenix Rising Mastermind, you can do so direct from my website. Alternatively why not consider joining the next cohort that will start in early May, with a free three day Phoenix Rising Retreat at the end of April. You could also consider joining me for a connection call, where we can discuss your goals and think about how the Mastermind programme may help you. Please email me to book a call – links to the programme and other resources we provide can be found in the link below, together with how to contact me.