Welcome to our July Newsletter. Half of the year gone already but still plenty of time to focus and achieve our goals.


This month saw the third running of our successful men-only programme. I love helping men to better understand menopause so they can support their partners on this journey.

One of the participants said that getting to know me through our networking, he had already learnt so much about menopause and was able to help his partner to see what was happening to her. He came along to learn even more and especially some practical tips to open that conversation. One of the big reminders for him was respecting his partner’s experiences.

Another man was completely new to menopause and came along because his partner had told him “You need to do this”. One of his big learnings was understanding the terminology and what each stage of the menopausal transition meant. He felt he had much more knowledge.

Whilst another attendee talked openly about how he and his partner were arguing more often, and how their perspectives of a situation were clashing when they hadn’t in the past. Just gaining the understanding that his words can very easily be heard out of context depending on how his partner was feeling was a light bulb moment. In our discussion around what not to say and how to diffuse an angry situation, he took lots of notes and acknowledged that he maybe had said those things or reacted in a way that made the situation worse.

Simply being able to step aside and view our role in a situation from the outside, can make all the difference to how we proceed. Learning to respond from a place of compassion rather than reacting can make such a difference as your partner transitions through menopause.

Phoenix Wellbeing Café

I’m delighted to tell you that our monthly subscription group is now fully up and running. As part of our website refresh, we’ve been working hard to bring extra value content to our monthly programme. A lot of our resources remain available to everyone but if you join the Phoenix Wellbeing Café you will get access to much more expert support:

  • Monthly webinars hosted by experts in their field covering a range of wellbeing topics. We’ve already offered webinars on meal planning, healthy eating, pilates, fitness for menopause and so much more. All are available live but included in our Webinar Library that members can access as many times as they wish.
  • Access to our wealth of wellbeing knowledge with over 100 frequently asked questions database. There is so much support here that I know you’ll find practical help for your burning wellbeing questions.
  • Access to all of our Experts. You will find their bios on the website together with how to contact them. They are waiting to help you.
  • A monthly 1-2-1 life coaching session worth £95, giving you the opportunity to explore your goals and gain that focused time you need to achieve them.
  • Access to tailored mindfulness, meditation and workouts you can use any time and as many times as you need as part of your monthly subscription.

All of this can be yours for just £25 per month if you join the Phoenix Wellbeing Café. This growing community will provide you with the support you need to improve your wellbeing.

What Next?

Phoenix Wellness is growing and starting to build many collaborations. Here’s a highlight of some of the things we are working on:

Henpicked Workplace Menopause Training Network

We have recently been invited to become a licensed Henpicked trainer. This is a great step forward and gives us the backup of a superb organisation, with first class training resources and research to call on. We will be focusing on supporting SME employers in education, healthcare, social care etc.

BEYOUROWN Women’s Business Café Inner Circle

Phoenix Wellness have been invited to join this network based on our work to support men. There are not many coaches doing this work and the Inner Circle will give access to even more individuals and organisations to support.

Women Entrepreneurs Award 2023

I am also delighted to be able to say that our work has put menopause on the map! We’ve been recognised in the HR and Coaching category of the Best Vendor Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023. We are super excited about this award as it recognises the importance of what we are trying to do and gives us another platform to share our message.

To learn more

Email or DM via Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook to book a connection call. I’m looking forward to supporting you.