Lucy Wallington

Lucy Wallington

Hello, my name is Lucy and I’m still clinging on to my forties for another few months! 
I live with my partner Justin in rural Kent near Canterbury, and we’ve been together 9 1/2 years. He’s got 2 grown up children who were 10 and 14 when we met, and the eldest has recently had a baby so I’m a step mum and glam ma to a totally adorable little girl!! 
For over 30 years I loved my career in retail, in various management roles looking after my teams, colleagues and customers. I’ve always loved a bargain and creating a lovely lifestyle whether I’ve got a lemonade or a champagne budget!

What you do

Being a fiercely independent type I hadn’t realised budgeting and money management wasn’t as much a life skill in everyone’s lives but speaking to lots of people as a UW partner that became apparent. 
I saw many women in relationships where money wasn’t their domain and I’m very aware of financial abuse in relationships. I felt really protective towards two women in particular and helped get them back on their feet practicality speaking, after they had split up from their husbands and had no clue where to begin. That got me thinking…

How you help with wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is intrinsically linked to mental well-being, and each can seriously affect the other. When your mind is noisy with juggling family and work life, managing your money can add another layer of stress that often gets left, thus creating bigger problems. 
For many women, chatting about money isn’t easy as there can be lot of emotion tied up in our spending choices, so I have created beautiful eBooks with self-calculating spreadsheets for women who hate spreadsheets!
The eBooks are educational, inspirational and focus entirely on you and what you want out of life, and how to set up a budget to match. A long-term view is essential to your wellbeing, and these have a cash flow style so that you can see the bumps in the road ahead and plan around them. 
Creating a healthy relationship with money will change your life.
To compliment this, I also work my magic on your bills ensuring you’ve got the absolute best value for money, all in one account so it’s super easy to manage and you’ve got me as your private first port of call. 
Meal planning is another passion of mine that adds a practical layer into your budget as it empowers you to make good choices with your nutrition, works around your lifestyle and supports your budget. It’s one less decision you must make every day whilst also enabling you to have flexibility and enjoy cooking and eating.