Helen Adams

Helen Adams

Hi I am Helen Adams is the Global Leader of the Female Business Revolution. I help female entrepreneurs create unlimited income through the power of their intuition. I live in Manchester and love music, reading, writing, travelling, having fun with friends, and watching football.

What you do

After many years of experiencing feast and famine in business, I finally realised that the key to bringing in the income I desired and deserved was to follow my intuition and do the things that lit up my soul. I soon realised that my mission was to teach other women to use the power of their intuition so they could create the first-class life they deserved, faster, easier and in flow.

How you help with wellbeing

Money is something that can cause stress and unease and has the potential to create a negative impact on our lives if we don’t take control of it. Unlearning and relearning everything we were taught about money and taking an intuitive approach to it creates many benefits. Being able to identify lucrative opportunities and sharpen up your decision-making skills will save you valuable time and energy, increase your confidence and give you peace of mind. It will have a knock-on effect on your personal life, enabling you to stop worrying and enjoy things more. 
Helen offers a range of powerful coaching options for female entrepreneurs at all levels- including the Income Igniters Course, Breakthrough Bundles with Timeline Therapy and 90-day transformational signature programme. 
Helen will also be launching a brand-new book in November (links to follow).