Diane Harrison Jarrett

Hi, I’m Diane,
an aromatherapy practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Angelic card reader and has a sound healing diploma with the Complimentary Medicine Association. I only train with the best in the industry, as I feel education should come from the original source.
As a mum of an Autistic child and a woman of a certain age herself, I have a vested interested in assisting women in Menopause and helping autistic families with the many aspects of spectrum dis-orders. I currently working with a number of Menopause practitioners and autistic charities to raise awareness of natural therapies, assisting their members heal themselves from the inside out. You will always find my head in book as I love to keep learning. In 2024 I’ll be qualifying in Bio-energetics and plant medicine, to add another string to my bow. My goal is to have my own Sound Healing clinic by the end of 2024, where I’ll have a charitable arm of the business that will fund autistic treatment, as 1 in 4 children are now on the spectrum.

How I help

Our bodies suffer many traumas in our lifetime, some are small, and some are more significant. Every trauma, regardless of severity, leaves an energetic imprint in our bodies and within our bio-field. The cumulative effect of this, is the body lives with varying degrees’ of imbalance, effecting it’s natural ability to self-heal, and then we start to see dis-ease within it. Left alone the human body is a working miracle, and can operate at 100% efficiency, correcting itself without you even being aware. When it has to navigate these in-balances, it then has to compensate effecting its ability to heal. Think of a Cartier watch. The precision of those cogs working in harmony is imperative for the watch to keep perfect time. If one cog is out by even a millisecond, over time the watch will either gain time or lose time and it no longer works effectively. That is your body.
Everything about us and the world we live in is energy. Billions of atoms and frequencies bouncing off each other, creating us and what we see around us. When you understand the frequency of the human body you can start to correct how it vibrates and reset it. A bit like putting your phone back to factory settings and starting again; that is what we do at Harmony in Sound.
I personally have managed to correct my 30-year IBS and reduce my Menopause symptoms by over 70%, simply by re-setting my frequency to the correct Hz level. My body functions much better on a day to day, and as a result Menopause now is much more tolerable, without medication. I also help Autistic children sleep better and moderate their mood.
In this session, I will share the history of sound therapy and my personal story.