Daisy Tappenden

Hello, my name is Daisy, and I am based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. I live with my partner and one year old daughter, so there is never a dull moment between looking after her and working with my clients! We recently moved down here from Southwest London to get some more space and to breathe in some fresh countryside(ish) air, and so far, I haven’t looked back!

What you do

After suffering with eczema, gut issues, anxiety, and mood changes for much of my younger life I turned to nutrition and exercise to reduce my symptoms after doctors could never seem to get to the route cause. After seeing the astounding benefits this made to my health and overall mental and physical wellbeing, I decided to ditch my career in luxury wellness travel (sadly saying goodbye to the free holidays ☹) to change career to become a nutritional therapist. I studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and achieved my qualification with distinction in 2021. I now specialise in women’s health, supporting women of all ages with symptoms of hormone imbalance such as menopause, dysregulated periods, painful periods, PCOS, anovulation, infertility, weight gain, and thyroid disorders.

How you help with wellbeing

Nutrition and wellbeing are intrinsically linked, there is absolutely no question that by changing your diet and lifestyle for the better you will improve your wellbeing. As a nutritional therapist I look at my clients holistically and as individuals, taking in all aspects of their life, past and present so that I can support them in the best way possible to reach their health goals, and optimise their wellbeing. As a personal trainer as well, I can address the whole picture, making sure that every client has a structured and easy to follow nutrition and exercise plan that fits in with their life. The packages I offer are of either 3 or 6 months – anything less and it may be difficult to implement lifelong changes, and each package is entirely personalised to the client, includes numerous recipes, regular follow-up appointments, and 24/7 support.

Where we can find you

My Instagram: @tapintoyourhealth
My website: https://tapintoyour.health/
My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daisy-tappenden-74965140/
I would love to offer you a free download providing information on nutrition and lifestyle support for menopause: https://tapintoyour.health/nutritionandlifestylesupportformenopausefreedownload