1-2-1 Coaching and Calendar

Welcome to the Phoenix Wellbeing Café and we hope you are enjoying all the great resources and benefits of being part of this membership.
As part of your membership, on top of all the great webinars and other resources, you are also entitled to a free 60-minute Empower Hour session with Jeanette monthly. This will be your time to talk about anything that is bothering you or that you need a little extra support to help you to navigate and move forward.

Jeanette Forder, the Founder of Phoenix Wellness Coaching is a fully qualified Life Coach with over 20 years’ experience coaching through a range of corporate roles, specifically helping women. Jeanette is a Senior Member of the Association of Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) so you know you are getting expert coaching support, and she is also a fully qualified Mental Health First Aider.

When you book your Empower Hour you know you will be getting the best support as Jeanette will not only bring her extensive knowledge to the conversation but will use many tools through her Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Mindfulness practice to help you to move forward and achieve your goals.

How to book
This is very simple for members of the Wellbeing Café, simply follow the link below to Jeanette’s online diary (this is kept up to date) and book your slot. You are entitled to 60-minutes of coaching each month you are in membership so please make you use of this fantastic resource. Of course, if you want to have more tailored support, you can talk about coming into full 1-2-1 Coaching with Jeanette too.

Diary Link to book your session

Webinar Library

Welcome to our Webinar Library. This is where you will find the recordings from all of our webinars, so you never have to miss a learning opportunity if you cannot join us live.
The Webinar recordings will be available within 7 days of the live event.
You can access these recordings as many times as you wish so that you get the most benefit from these teaching opportunities.




It's all in your head

Exploring our relationship with food, why it is the way it is and what we can do to improve our relationship for our health and wellbeing.

Meal Planning For Health & Wealth

How to save time and money and still eat healthily. Lucy Wallington shares lots of top tips on how planning ahead can make eating healthy not just fun but economical with our time and our purses.


Protecting your Core

The importance of core strength to support our backs and improve our pelvic floor muscles through pilates. Laura Kennard will explain why core strength is important and shows us how to build our core strength (includes a short pilates demonstration you can take part in)


Improving your Money Mindset

Helen Louise Adams is an intuitive coach specialising in improving our money mindset. Helen is passionate about ensuring every woman has financial freedom and independence. She shows us what stops us from calling in the money we desire and how we can change those views.


Other Phoenix Wellness Products

As part of your membership of the Phoenix Wellbeing Café I am also making available to you two of my Self-Learning Packages – the Awakening and the Calm Retreat. If you would like access to these programmes please email and I will send you the workbooks which include access to teaching videos and other resources.